Porno Uncle Jim


"Porno Uncle Jim" follows a nephew's search to uncover the truth behind his infamous and controversial great-uncle, J.J. Proferes, Washington, D.C.'s forgotten king of porn.

Described as a "renaissance man", J.J. was instrumental in the gay rights struggle of the 1960s and 70s and his rise to becoming the "Sultan of an X-Rated Empire" (Washington Post) is an as-yet-untold story of a man who lived life at its extremes. "Porno Uncle Jim" shines a light on the gay scene of the 60s and 70s, the history of gay rights amid the rise of obscenity laws in America, ending in J.J.'s bizarre and eccentric life being turned on its head.


Directed by

Stephan Bookas

Lauren A. Slattery

Edited by

Gaz Evans

With contributions & support by

Philip Clark
Timothy Bookas

Bill Bookas

Kathy Connell

Betsy Bookas

Daphne Alvarado

John Bookas

Genie Leussis

Daryl Connell

Donald Bassan

Edgar Twine

J. Wayne Higgs

Jan Ewing

Angela Grimmer

Brent Thacker

Leon Bogaert

Nan Colton

Paul Kuntzler

Dr. Franklin Kameny

John Clifford

Terry Roberts

Les & Wanda Kelly

Lajos Pataki

Produced by 
Thousandth Mile

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