The Sessions


Day after day, Sarah joins a group of people as they try to overcome their deepest fears by confronting them in virtual reality. Then one day it's her turn and as she faces her own trauma she discovers something about the group's leader that puts everything else in question.



Jennifer Claire

The Leader
Marcus McSorley

The Group
Faaiz Mbelizi

Nikhil Parmar

Aynsleigh Turner

Corinne Strickett

Róisín Monaghan

Victoria Denard

Directed by 
Stephan Bookas

Written by

Jack Deslandes & Stephan Bookas

With ideas by

Alla Dryzhak, Lajos Pataki, Tan Akinsal


Timothy Stifter & Lajos Pataki

Stephan Bookas

Assistant Director & Script Supervision

Jack Deslandes

Line Producer
Alla Dryzhak

Sound Recording

Michelangelo Zoppini

Sound Engineer, Sound Design & Mix

Ernesto Suarez


Evelyn Kuznetsova

Lajos Pataki

Thanks to

Mulberry Heights Studios

Produced by 
Thousandth Mile

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